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Life is like a river, every twist, turn, current takes us towards what we are meant ‎to do as we are flowing (passing) through this world.‎

Every one of us brings something unique to this world, therefore every one of us ‎has something unique to offer to those around. I can only but thank God that He ‎placed a morsel of His glory in me, by giving me this gift of singing, gift that I ‎long with all of my heart to share with you. ‎

I was born close to midnight on a Sunday of the year 1970, on December 27, to ‎be precise, under the sign of the Capricorn. My birthplace is a small town in the ‎mountaneous region of Banat called Otelu Rosu ( name translated in English as ‎Red Steel), however in my grandparents' days the same town was known as ‎Ferdinandsberg. ‎

Being born in a family with a mixed ethnic background ( German, Hungarian, Romanian) ‎my love for music was obvious even since my childhood years. I have an older brother ‎that followed in my father's footsteps and works in electronics while I inherited my ‎mothers's passion for music.

When I was 12 I attended for a season "The Music Circle" from "the Pioneers ‎Club". It was here that I first started studying the guitar, however I might just go ‎ahead and call myself a self-instructed student.

During the secondary school I became an active member of the musical group ‎called "stelutele" (in English "Little Stars")- associated with the "Pioneers Club". ‎I have received several awards, the most significant being the second price, at the ‎national level "Cantarea Romaniei" festival. ‎

I graduated from my local highschool in 1989, at a time when the school had an ‎‎"industial" specialty education profile.‎

After 1990, I started collaborating with the childrens choir "voinicelul"- ‎conducted by prof Adriana Caciuc. During this time I took part in several shows ‎both in Romania and abroad, accompanying the little ones. The most important ‎show was at the "Children's Musical Festival" in Weiz, Austria. ‎

In 1997 I became a member of the German Folk Dancing group at the German ‎Forum in Otelu Rosu. Together with this group we held shows in Romania, ‎Germany and Austria.‎

In 1999 I won my first FIRST PRIZE, at the "German music creation contest" ‎in Timisoara. Here I presented a self-written composition, inspired by the words ‎of a german poet Peter Bart from my hometown.‎

Afterwads, for several years I continued my work with the childrens' choir as ‎well as the dancing group and we appeared both on radio and TV and did ‎recordings.

In 2006 I attended the folk music camp held in Calafat, and ‎later registred to sing at the first ever folk festival "Poarta sarutului" in Tg Jiu. ‎Here I received the first prize. In the same year I was selected to be member of ‎the group of competitors that represented Romania at Lovech Festival in ‎Bulgaria.

In October 2007, at the first edition of "Coroana" Brasov festival I won the second prize.

A month later I participated at the second edition of the "Omul cu o chitara" ‎festival in Braila and I received the grand prize. This was the turning moment ‎when I decided to stop going to competition focused festivals, despite the fact ‎that I only attended three festivals total‎

A month later I started the work on what became my first album. Given that my ‎first ever recital as a songwriter was in Cluj, a city that I am feeling dearly ‎connected to, I chose Cluj as my "work" place.‎

I started the recordings for the "Nu mai sunt eu" ( I am not myself anymore) ‎project alongside three members of "Hazard" rock band and I was able to finalize ‎this project in 2008. ‎

To current date I have several appearances both on radio and TV programs.‎